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Peru's Nazca Lines

CAYCE A.R.E.® Inc.

Meteorite in the Ukraine (Coming Soon)

Meteor Arizona * Barringer Crater

London Bridge in Arizona

The Roswell Incident

ACDC Systems Image Viewer

As It Happens:CBC Radio (Not found)

Chronology of Popes (not responding)

Chronology of Popes

UK phone numbers

UK Street Map

Notes on Fermat's Last Theorem

Diophantine_Equations (Bad Gateway)


Linus Pauling Therapy for Heart Disease

Ibola Virus - MEDICAL ADVISORY (not responding)

Selby and Elmet area history (Yorkshire)

Alresford and its villages - Tichborne (Not found)

Counties of England (Not Found)

Ottawa Public Library

Hubbard- Dianetics

SIR JOHN[3] BROCKET , Knight (not responding)

Club de généalogie de Longueuil

Bedfordshire Church Photo Album (Very Slow or not responding)

DB Connect Library of Congress

Book: Gödel, Escher, Bach: Eternal Golden Braid

1029 vertical stones at Carnac (Not Responding)

Lea River Walk - from Wheathampstead to Hertford

Piri Reis Map Project (Very Slow or not responding)

Web MD

UFO Community

Sherlock Holmes tales

English to Spanish Verbs

Worldwide Directory of Cities and Towns

Atlantis was in Bolivia

Crop Circles Book

Crop Circle Photos by Lucy Pringle


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