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Welcome to my home page! There are many "David Cole" homepages on the Internet. The following notes are written to make it perfectly clear which David Cole created this homepage.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec but I was raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in Canada by my mother, Marion and my father Vic. In Moose Jaw, I lived on the following streets: Ominica E, Monk N and Henry W. I graduated from Central Collegiate high school. My father worked at the Great West Auto Electric and The Bowling Center. My grandfather, Charlie, was janitor at Zion United church in Moose Jaw. My parents, my brother, Chuck, and my sister, Christine, still live in the Moose Jaw area. Chuck married Jeannette Ireland. Christine married Mike Ward.

I studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan.

I married Yvette Richard from Arvida, Quebec. We raised our two girls, Theresa and Barbara, in Regina, Saskatchewan. We now live in Gloucester, Ontario where I work for The Marketware Corporation and where Yvette teaches school.

I am not the David Cole who co-authored "Soft Paths".

I would be happy to hear from you, please send me an email addressed to davidcole3@aol.com


last updated on Jan 13, 2010