Little Girls Growing Up

Little children always play
With things they understand
Like Barbie dolls and clay
And TV's cartoonland.

Adventure books and magazines
And hits sung by their favorite stars
Send these wee kids into their teens
With dating, sports and fancy cars.

Boyfriends, girlfriends, senior proms
Parties, skiing and weekend trips
Broken dates, acne and sad songs,
Being young and broke's the pits.

Graduation forces you to say
"Should I go away to college?
Or take a job with instant pay
Instead of reaping further knowledge."

College work can be demanding
But the potential worth is great
Good job prospects are outstanding
They are what knowledge can create.

One day there'll be a special man
Who fills your heart with joy.
Home and happiness you will plan
And maybe you will have a boy.

Feb 6, 1984, David K.Cole