Yiddish_Expressions Yiddish English Billik cheap, poor quality Bobkes worthless trifles Bubbee term of endearment Chutzpah nerve, brazeness, cheek Danken Got! thank God Drek junk, rubbish Frum religiously devout Gai avek! go away Gelt money Goy a non-Jew, gentile Kaddish a prayer in mourning Kibbitzer interfering person Klutz, Klotz a clumsy person K'vetsh to whine or complain Le'chayim! the tradional toast 'to life' Loch in kop hole in the head Mashugga, Meshughe crazy, bonkers Mazel Tov congratulations, good luck! Mieskeit an ugly person or thing Nitzveh a good deed, a commandment Naches pride, joy (often that occasioned by children) Nebbish a nobody, a weakling or awkward person Nosh snack food, to snak Nu? so? Nudnick a pest, a bore, often a term of endearment Oi! all-purpose exclamation Oi, gevald! exclamation of torment Schmuck, Shmock dick Shaitel wig worn by Orthodox married women Shalom peace, a greeting Shikseh non-Jewish girl Shlep (or Shlap) to carry unwillingly Shmaltzy sentimental, sickly, corny Shmendrik a foolish, inept person Shmoe a naive, easily deceived individual Shmuts dirt, mess Shmutter, Shmatter stiff, clutter, or a general term for cloth Shnorrer a beggar Shtik a special (theatrical) trick or turn Shul informal term for synagogue Toches arse Traif forbidden (non-kosher) food Tsores woe, troubles

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