Esperanto: The International Language -- La Internacia Lingvo

First, remember the letters in the Esperanto Alphabet (la alfabeto)

Each of the 28 letters has its on unique sound, but only one sound! There are no 'hard A' and 'soft A' sounds.

Each letter is pronounced seperately, similar to pronunciation of Hawaiian words. If there are two vowels together, they are each pronounced distinctly.

Here's a guide to the sounds of each letter

A as in "far"
B as in "boy"
C as in "bits"
CX as in "chow"
D as in "dog"
E as in "egg"
F as in "fun"
G as in "go"
GX as in "gem"
H as in "hen"
HX as in "bach"
I as in "machine"
J as the 'y' in "you"
JX as the 's' in "leisure"
K as in "kite"
L as in "lady"
M as in "money"
N as in "nose"
O as in "tone"
P as in "pie"
R as in "very"
S as in "sun"
SX as the 'sh' in "shoe"
T as in "toe"
U as th 'oo' in "shoot"
UX as the 'w' in "wet"
V as in "vice"
Z as in "size"
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