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How2001 - HowTo physically write on a CD-Rom with the correct type of pen?

How2002 - HowTo view Web Pages that are bigger than the Internet explorer window?

How2003 - HowTo create a thumbnail JPG image of a JPG image?

How2004 - HowTo Copy and Synchronize two file directories?

How2005 - HowTo get an (almost) free fully-functional Web site?

How2006 - HowTo How to upload html, software, images etc. into your webpage?

How2007 - HowTo purchase your own (fully independant) webpage address?

How2008 - HowTo search for all MS-Access databases (on one PC) that contain a specific table name?

How2009 - HowTo measure the speed of your PC?

How2010 - HowTo rename JPG images while viewing them?

How2011 - HowTo print your genealogy Pedigree Chart with 5 generations per page?

How2012 - HowTo Use EdXor to decrypt, convert to hex, use a freezip?

How2013 - HowTo Avoid the "Enter Windows password" question during start-up.

How2014- HowTo Create web pages using HTML

How2015 - HowTo Store lots of images on the web very economically

How2016 - HowTo Make a Daguerreotype PhotoGraph.

How2017 - HowTo Save 90% of on-line photo storage space

How2018 - HowTo Play background music on your web page.

How2019 - HowTo Insert accented characters

How2020 - HowTo Convert my keyboard for typing French-Canadian text.

How2021 - HowTo Buy a good DVD Player?

How2022 - HowTo Adjust a transaction in Simply Accounting

How2023 - HowTo Produce the Journal Entries Report in Simply Accounting.

How2024 - HowTo List all Installed Hardware and Software that is on a PC.

How2025 - HowTo Load genealogy-related information on to the web for free.

How2099 - HowTo How2099?

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