DownLoadable DC Data

IGI Yorkshire Parish Batches

Adam and Eve to Henry I Descendancy (Word doc)

Cole4A30.ged GEDCOM Data zipped (833 Kb)

Cole3G05.ged GEDCOM Data zipped (712 Kb)

Cole2e29.ged GEDCOM Data (2.4 Meg)

Cole2e29.ged GEDCOM Data Zipped (.5 Meg)

Cole1L10.ged (Previous) GEDCOM Data (2.0 Meg)

Cole1L10.ged (Previous) GEDCOM Data Zipped (.4 Meg)

Persons Address Book Data...zipped(empty)(.08 Meg)

Persons family addresses data...zipped

. . . . . . (Password is the city where my wife grew up.)

Barbara Cole's MA Thesis (.17 Meg)

Little Girls Growing Up(by DKC Cole)(.01 Meg)

Tough Stuff To Pronounce(.01 Meg)

Esperanto Story: Gerda1.pdf(145Kb)

Bible (Old and New testaments)Zipped Size:1.4Mb

last updated Jan 30, 2004