CaptionAdder - a tool for Digital Photo Albums

The CaptionAdder software is currently being developed. The CaptionAdder module will permit anyone surfing the Internet to add captions to the images that are catalogged in the Image Captioning DataBase. It is expected that different Image Captioning DataBases will be set up. Initially, no restrictions will be placed on who can add captions to an Image Captioning DataBase.

The owner of the photo images will have already uploaded them to his/her webpage. Then he/she will load each image into the Image Captioning DataBase. Once the software is released, anyone can view the photos and add a caption to each photo. Usually the persons adding the captions will already be familiar with the persons or objects in the photos. One scenario might be after a family re-union, once all of the photos have been uploaded to a web site. The owner of the photos will populate the Image Table. Then he/she will ask the attendees of the reunion to add a caption to each photo. When adding a caption, the web surfer can see each photo and can scroll through the captions that have already been submitted. Captions can only be added, they cannot be editted or deleted. The person submitting the new captions must identify himself or herself by entering his/her name and email address. Passwords are not needed.


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